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White Asparagus Panna Cotta with Oscietra Caviar

White Asparagus Panna Cotta With Oscietra Caviar

If you are looking for an exciting recipe idea, we have the White Asparagus Panna Cotta with Oscietra Caviar dish from our friends at Culinary Ambition They have chosen the Oscietra caviar which has an earthy vegetable flavour with a taste of crustaceans, a buttery sweet bouquet and saline after taste, which pairs well with the […]

King’s Fine Food & Le Marche Des Chefs

King’s Fine Food has collaborated with Le Marche de Chefs for some exquisite fresh food hampers which include the King’s Fine Food Beluga and Oscietra Caviar. The hampers look absolutely stunning: The Luxury Hamper. ‘Oscietra caviar (30g) – Laura King is a supplier to many of the same restaurants like us. Her name is a byword […]

Andy Hayler’s Restaurant Guide – Ritz

Ritz London

Andy Hayler’s Restaurant Guide – Ritz – King’s Fine Food was thrilled to have been mentioned in Andy’s latest menu review for the Ritz Hotel in London King’s Belgian Oscietra Caviar “Cornish turbot fillet from a large 8 kg fish, cooked in brown butter and served with a champagne sauce and Belgian oscietra caviar supplied by […]

Fortnum & Mason Hamperlings

Fortnum & Mason presents The Oscietra Caviar Hamperling. This is the perfect gourmet meal to be enjoyed in transit and I spotted this little gem on a recent trip at Heathrow Airport. Each Oscietra Caviar Hamperling includes our connoisseur caviar – Golden Oscietra Caviar complete with miniature blinis, crème fraiche, shredded eggs and a selection […]