Aquitaine Caviar

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Aquitaine (Baerii) – Country of Origin: France

This French sturgeon produces its eggs after 7 years.
It has an herbaceous minerality with notes of cob nut and a fresh earthy flavour that lingers. It ranges from a steely grey colour, similar to Sevruga, to jet black.

Aquitaine, like our Siberian Sturgeon, is also from a Baerii sturgeon but is exclusively farmed in the Aquitaine region of France.


‘It is always a pleasure to use top quality caviar. It is so good, that you do not need to add a lot of ingredients to it, it is simply the best’ Chef Andras Katona

All King’s Fine Food Caviar has a shelf life of 3 months plus.

Take a look at How to Store Your Caviar from expert Laura King here.

Aquitaine Caviar

Aquitaine Caviar