Tenuta Lamiotte Extra Virgin Olive Oil BIO

Tenuta Lamiotte Extra Virgin Olive Oil BIO

Tenuta Lamiotte Extra Virgin Olive Oil BIO, available from King’s Fine Food.

Spicy with fruity hints of green olives, it is perfect to be savoured as a condiment or simply with a little bread. In addition to its excellent taste, its extraordinary nutritional virtues promote the well-being and health of the body.

Tenuta Lamiotte Olive Oil BIO

Sicily’s finest Olive Oil available in the UK – Tenuta Lamiotte Olive Oil will add a sophisticated peppery spice, with a hint of fruity depth to your salads, pasta or dipping breads this summer!

Bring a taste of Sicily to your table with Tenuta Lamiotte olive oil.

One family’s dedication to the production of olive oil on the island of Sicily, over many decades, has resulted in the launch of Tenuta Lamiotte. 

Extracted from Nocellara olives, a vibrant green Sicilian olive with a thousand-year history, whose organoleptic characteristics make it one of the most prized cultivars in the world. 

These olives are harvested by hand, by the dedicated Tenta Lamiotte team, in the period between October and November in Sicily, in the Belice Valley and they base their cultivation and production on methods that use only natural substances, to ensure full respect for the environment and the resources of the planet.

The oil is extracted mechanically and at low temperatures to preserve their natural richness and robust taste. The result is a versatile, golden-hued oil perfect for enhancing salads, pastas or simply with a little focaccia bread,

Available to buy nationwide via the UK’s leading online purveyors of the finest foods – King’s Fine Food