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San Giuliano Sicilian Marmalades are all hand-made to an ancient family recipe. All the citrus fruits for these marmalades are organic and hand-picked in their prime from the abundant groves of the San Guiliano 22-acre estate on the Eastern coast of Italy.

The tart, fresh lemons and oranges are never chilled, so their flavour is not diminished by excessively cool temperatures. The fruits are simply cooked ‘low and slow’, with just sugar and lemon or orange juice. The high proportion of fruit, and absence of thickeners or preservatives, used in these superior products results in unrivalled citrus flavours and fragrances.

These traditional, tangy, natural marmalades are unique, giving you the most indulgent breakfast ever. 100% organic production certified by Ecogruppo Italia Srl controlling authority – MIPAAF IT BIO 008