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Amedei Tuscany – An Italian Excellence

Amedei Tuscany is recognised as one of the best chocolate in the world. This video is an emotional journey of discovery into the Amedei’s production phases. The factory is based in Pontedera – Tuscany and nothing escapes the supervision of Cecilia Tessieri, the first female maître chocolatier in the world. Enjoy it!

How to enjoy King’s Caviar by Laura King

How to enjoy King’s Caviar by Laura King Caviar is best served as simple as possible – using mother of pearl or horn utensils. To taste caviar: We always taste caviar on the soft cushion of the back of our hand between the thumb and forefinger. Let it rest for a few seconds and then […]

Chef Andras Katona

We were thrilled to see the superb selection of images Chef Andras Katona produced using the King’s Fine Food Aquitaine Caviar. They are brilliant – Thank you, Chef. ‘It is always a pleasure to use the top quality caviar. It is so good, that you do not need to add a lot of ingredients to […]

The Waterside Inn, Bray

We just couldn’t resist sharing this image from Chef Fabrice, using the King’s Fine Food Oscietra Caviar. Thank you, chef. Flaked Devon Crab with velvety pea puree, ‘Chase’ vodka pearls and Oscietra Caviar, dill coulis. The first course on their current Menu Exceptionnel. ‘Reliability and the finest ingredients work hand in hand with producing superb […]

The Steps of Caviar Processing

The steps of caviar processing from the extraction of the caviar to the packing and the end result. 1. The roe is extracted from the belly of the fish. 2. The roe and fat are separated, by rubbing gently through a sieve. 3. The roe is washed in water. 4. The roes are emptied onto […]