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The Steps of Caviar Processing

The steps of caviar processing from the extraction of the caviar to the packing and the end result. 1. The roe is extracted from the belly of the fish. 2. The roe and fat are separated, by rubbing gently through a sieve. 3. The roe is washed in water. 4. The roes are emptied onto […]

How to Serve your Caviar

How to Serve Your Caviar Ideally, we recommend that your caviar should be served chilled. Once removed from the fridge the caviar may be transferred to Mother of Pearl dishes or consumed directly from the container. Placing your dish or container on crushed ice not only looks more appealing it will help to prolong the […]

Roe to Perdition – Andy Hayler’s Restaurant Guide

Andy Hayler’s Caviar Tasting

I wanted to learn more about caviar and was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with Laura King, founder of Kings Caviar, which is the largest UK supplier. They supply restaurants including The Fat Duck and The Ritz and stores such as Harrods and Fortnum & Masons. We did a comparative tasting of […]

Fortnum & Mason Hamperlings

Fortnum & Mason presents The Oscietra Caviar Hamperling. This is the perfect gourmet meal to be enjoyed in transit and I spotted this little gem on a recent trip at Heathrow Airport. Each Oscietra Caviar Hamperling includes our connoisseur caviar – Golden Oscietra Caviar complete with miniature blinis, crème fraiche, shredded eggs and a selection […]

Gioia—golden chocolate pralines. ‘Pralines represent the spirit with which Amedei traces day after day, more than 20 years from its foundation, the path of passion and emotion in the world of high-end chocolate.’ Master chocolatier, Cecilia Tessieri, is dedicated to her art and to the finest ingredients she uses—including cocoa beans directly from cocoa plantations. […]