Luxuriate – Online – Why Tequila Is Good For You

King’s Fine Food was happy to assist with the Food Pairing requirements for Luxuriate On-Line Magazine for the complex drink of Tequila.

Tequila goes well with food as there are 750 flavour notes in tequila compared to wine where there are only up to 150 flavour notes. Caviar has always been matched with vodka but caviar also goes really well with tequila.

King’s Fine Food has a wide range of delicate caviars that find harmony with tequila’s complexities especially Blanco tequilas. King’s Fine Food sells the finest farmed caviar from around the world and deeply care about the provenance of their caviars with regular DNA testing (the first UK company to do this) and tracing at every step. If you’re a caviar first-timer, King’s are also happy to advise you and help you choose the right caviar.

I recommend the Golden Oscietra caviar to go with the tequila. This rare egg is rich, creamy and has a beautiful light gold colour. It is often bigger than the darker Oscietra egg. The delicate roes roll perfectly under the palate, gradually freeing their unique flavour.

When tasting caviar with tequila, it is better to take a small sip of tequila as above and then take a little caviar, tasting it slowly. The delicate savoury eggs and the tequila both have such clean pure flavours and work well together. Tequila literally cuts through the silky richness of caviar and counterbalances the salty pop that quality caviar has.

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