Kilimanjaro Team – Another Update

Kilimanjaro Team - Another Update

Hi to every one,

I have just had the latest update from our Kilimanjaro Team. A hasty phone call from Holly saying was I sitting down, then the phone went dead!  You can imagine how worried I was. She called back and relayed the story of the previous night.

They set off and after 5.5 hours walking in a snowstorm hit with winds of 80 miles an hour.  They continued walking but just 300 metres from the top Dr Dave called it and said it was now life or death situation and they had to get off the mountain explaining that no helicopter could rescue them. Naturally, they were all incredibly disappointed being just an hour from the top. Holly said Shirley Bassey had just started singing “Climb Every Mountain” in her ear pod when Dave gave the call.

Coming back was treacherous, Holly and others were sometimes on her hands and knees and even the guides found it difficult to work out where they were as you couldn’t see in front of you.  8 Teams tried to summit that night but everyone had to turn back.

No one had seen weather like this on Kilimanjaro in 10 years.

They are all going to get their certificate to say they climbed the mountain but she was sad they didn’t get the picture at the top and she wanted to put some of John’s ashes up there.

They are an amazing team who have faced far greater challenges than most who have climbed Kilimanjaro.

They have said they could all write a book about this week and the massive challenges they have faced. Holly and others had a picture taken when she got down of icicles on mouths and eyelashes. Thank God they are all safe. They have one night left camping and then back to civilisation and a warm shower.

Huge thanks for all your support and I know you will all be so proud of what they have all achieved in terrible circumstances.

Holly and I send you all a huge hug.

Laura xx