Kilimanjaro Team Update

Hi everyone I wanted to keep you updated on Holly and the teams progresses up the mountain.

Day one was 30 degrees, so hot!

Day Two halfway along the 6-hour trek a freak snowstorm hit the group.  They had no choice but to keep going and Holly said it was by far the hardest thing she had ever done.  She had given some of her waterproofs to someone who forget to bring any so she ended up soaked through.  She said snow was pounding on her face and the only way she kept going was singing “The Eye of the Tiger” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”.  They did eventually all make camp but with snow, ice and freezing temperatures it’s been tough.

The waterproof holdall I bought for the trip has proved not to be waterproof so all the clothes are damp.  Otherwise, she is still smiling and said: “Mum I am fine”!

At 9 pm London time tonight the amazing group of 10 start the last climb to the summit.  We understand it’s very windy, snowing and very cold.

I know all the love and good wishes we send them all will help and perhaps even keep them a little warmer. Doctor Dave who is with the group apparently said in all his years of trekking he had never seen weather like this.  They will also be very tired.

Thanks for all your amazing support,  If you can pass this onto any of your friends to support would be fantastic as this amazing group of supporters have given up time to take on this very tough challenge.

Sending you all love

Laura xxxxx