JING Jasmine Pearls Sparkling Tea – Women Talking Online

JING Jasmine Pearls Sparkling Tea - Women Talking Online

We were thrilled to see a mention in the Women Talking post regarding the wonderful JING Jasmine Pearls Sparkling Tea, a wonderful alcohol-free alternative

People all over the world have been drinking tea for thousands of centuries, and for good reason. Numerous studies have shown that a variety of teas may boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, and even ward off cancer and heart disease.

Whether you take your tea with milk, sugar, lemon or just plain, it’s clear that we have a fondness for its flavour.

From the simple morning tea break to the traditional afternoon tea, it is said that the British drink more than 60 billion cups of tea a year.

While some brews provide more health advantages than others, there’s plenty of evidence that regularly drinking tea can have a lasting impact on your wellness.

Not only producers of the world’s finest teas including, loose, bags, matcha and caddies JING Tea are now offering sparkling tea too. This is a wonderful non-alcoholic alternative, to continue your tea drinking into the evening and special occasions too. Ideal to serve chilled in a champagne flute, to not only look impressive but to help retain the bubbles and keep a cool temperature.

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