How to Serve your Caviar

Tartines de Caviar à la Crème Aigre

How to Serve Your Caviar

Ideally, we recommend that your caviar should be served chilled. Once removed from the fridge the caviar may be transferred to Mother of Pearl dishes or consumed directly from the container.

Placing your dish or container on crushed ice not only looks more appealing it will help to prolong the caviar’s coolness and freshness.

Caviar Spoons

We like to suggest using the traditionally used caviar spoons made from Mother of Pearl or Horn. This prevents tainting the wonderful flavour of the caviar eggs whilst serving.


Caviar has a delicate flavour and should be served with accompaniments that don’t overwhelm its flavour (if with anything at all). Remember simpler is better. Traditional garnishes include small slices of toast, blinis, unsalted crackers, crème Fraiche or sour cream. Quails eggs go well with caviar and potatoes are another traditional accompaniment, either baked or boiled new potatoes.

Accompanied by a glass of Ice-cold vodka, which helps to clear the palate or Champagne is a great pairing. A good, clean, dry white wine can also go well.

How Much to Serve

If you were serving caviar by itself, we would recommend 30-50g per person as a guide. If you were serving the caviar on canapés we would work on 5g per canapé.


If by chance you do not finish your caviar or use it all on this occasion, reseal the caviar tin and keep in the coolest part of your refrigerator for up to 2/3 days.

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