Acquerello Risotto with Wild Boletus Mushrooms Recipe

Acquerello Risotto with Wild Boletus Mushrooms Recipe

Acquerello con I porcini del Bosco ( Risotto with Wild Boletus Mushrooms)

Recipe from Chef Gianluca Rossetti courtesy of Acquerello Rice

“This recipe is one of the ones I love, one of the ones I do once, maximum twice a year. Just when I can go to the woods to look for porcini mushrooms … what satisfaction to make risotto with it!” Gianluca Rossetti

For 2 people:  180g Acquerello Rice  140g fresh porcini  40g Butter 40g Grana Padano  1 clove of garlic  Salt and pepper  Beef broth

PREPARATION Cut the porcini into cubes of 3 / 4cm each, then put them in the pan with oil and garlic and light the fire to brown them.

After a minute add Acquerello and complete the toasting for three minutes.

Remove the garlic and start cooking the rice with meat broth.

In the meantime, cut one of the firmer carpaccio mushrooms with the mandolin to serve to finish the dish.

Stir the rice after arranging it with salt, with butter and Grana Padano.

Serve the creamy risotto and finish with the porcini mushroom carpaccio.