Royal Belgian Caviar Trip

Royal Belgian Caviar Trip – All suited and booted for our trip to see the sturgeon and caviar processing at Royal Belgian in Belgium.

100% Belgian, 100% natural

Royal Belgian Caviar is the pioneer of ‘the black gold’ in their country. In 2002 they were the first and only Belgian caviar producer on the market.

The launch of their top product was preceded by ten years of intensive preparations. In this period, they built their own breeding stock of different sturgeon varieties. All sturgeons they use for their caviar, come from their own farm and are fed with mixed food from their own production.

Royal Belgian Caviar soon became a worldwide quality reference among caviar lovers. Top chefs appreciate the quality and class of their Belgian caviar. Royal Belgian Caviar turns every moment – the whole year through – into an exclusive indulgence for your taste buds.

Such an informative trip to see why King’s Fine Food work with this outstanding caviar company.

Here’s why

To achieve the typical, exclusive taste of caviar the breeding process and preparation must go flawless. This requires quite some skill and expertise.

The feeding and breeding circumstances of the sturgeons are also decisive for the taste. Based on years of experience, Royal Belgian has developed its own sturgeon feed.

At the farm, they constantly monitor and check the water quality.

Thanks to the perfect breeding and feeding circumstances Royal Belgian Caviar exceeds the taste and quality of the traditional wild capture.

We are so grateful to the team at Royal Belgian for this informative visit.