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The BEST Food Subscriptions Boxes to get you through Lockdown – Her Favourite Food & Travel

Best for Luxury from around the World: King’s Fine Food

As well as being one of the best Caviar suppliers in London, with their offering of ethically farmed caviar, King’s Fine Food is also the best option of other high-end luxurious fine food and drink from around the world.

As part of their luxury larder collection, they offer delicious ‘Out of Africa roasted nuts’, Spanish saffron, and a range of San Giuliano Sicilian biscuits! I particularly love their Valderrama black truffle olive oil from Highlands of Soria. For those making the most of being at home and baking more, I’d recommend the Boyajian Bakers Box Collection and its 100% natural extracts which transform cakes into fantastic desserts!

Add some luxury to your larder with King’s Fine Food.

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