Oscietra Caviar – 10g


Oscietra (Gueldenstaedtii) – Country of Origin: Belgium//China/France/Italy

The perfect introductory size in a convenient 10g tin.

The shade of the egg can vary, which is quite natural from a dark grey to a golden glow.

Oscietra caviar is simply one of the finest caviars available used by some of London’s top restaurants, it has a good-sized egg and the caviar has a wonderful golden sheen, which is typical of Oscietra.

Profile: An earthy flavour with a taste of crustaceans, a buttery sweet bouquet and a saline aftertaste.

King’s Royal Belgian Oscietra Caviar – ‘The greatest farmed in the world’ (exclusively distributed through King’s) – Tom Parker-Bowles

‘Reliability and the finest ingredients work hand in hand with producing superb results at the Waterside Inn, that’s why we only choose King’s Fine Food Caviar’. Chef Patron Alain Roux.


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