San Giuliano Fruit & Honey Preserves

San Giuliano Sicilian Fruit & Honey Preserves

San Giuliano Fruit & Honey Preserves – San Giuliano preserves are perfect for stocking up your store cupboard:

Honey – The San Giuliano Estate is free from pesticides and fertilisers which gives a very good environment for the bees both for pollination and honey production. A marvellous example of a biological circle of nature and collaboration of insect flora. Extracted from the flowers of the orange trees Zagara citrus San Giuliano, this fragrant honey is light in colour, pretty solid, and is rich in vitamin B. Orange blossom honey provides a wide variety of natural antioxidants to the diet.

Orange Slices – The San Giuliano oranges in syrup are valued for their beauty as well as the intoxicating goodness. Enriched by Brandy that gives it the right touch of bitter oranges slices are unforgettable, especially when eaten alone.

Orange Zest – San Giuliano Orange Zests in Syrup Use in pastry making, chocolate making as well as for decorating cakes and confections. Ideal to use in sauces for duck as well as in old fashioned “Crepes Suzette”.