Our Intrepid Brave Trekkers Are Back Safe And Sound


The amazing team who battled hyperthermia, 2 freak snowstorms and winds of 80 miles an hour on Kilimanjaro are back at the Hotel. Holly said she will never take a shower for granted again!!

As I am writing this I know they are celebrating the amazing journey.  Most of us who have climbed Kilimanjaro will tell you it’s tough and altitude can really affect you. If you add a snow blizzard and winds of 80 miles per hour in what becomes life-threatening conditions it must take every ounce of strength to keep going.

I just spoke to Holly and she said they have so many stories to tell and I know next week when she is home she will tell you all about it.  When Dr Dave said it’s now too dangerous we have to get off the mountain Holly told her guide she had to get to the top. She turned to face him and the wind blew the guide over. Dr Dave said if they had continued they could have lost someone with no hope of rescue in those conditions. At one stage Holly was on her hands and knees with her guide.  When she told me it sounded horrific and very scary. The guides said these conditions hadn’t been seen on the mountain for more than 10 years. Dr Dave (who is quite simply the best), said positive to take away is they are a great group of people who worked as a team and he hopes the journey and what they achieved in these conditions gives them a huge amount to be proud of.

The great news is they are all now safe and well and as you can see from the picture all smiling.   On the last leg of the journey, it’s about a 5-hour walk. Holly and some of the others were talking and Ed Vokes (one of the trekkers who bought 5 of his team from his business to trek) was walking just ahead with 3 others. Holly assumed they were getting slower as Ed disappeared. Holly was last to get to camp to a welcome beer and dancing. Holly went for a Beer and Ed told her it was his third beer.  Holly couldn’t understand how he could have drunk 3 beers so quickly, being just in front of them. Oh said Ed an ambulance went past, Ed stopped the ambulance and 4 of them got in!!  As he said to Holly my legs were hurting and the driver was very happy with the tip. Holly said they have the best picture of 4 of them sitting in the back of the ambulance.

After dancing and a few beers, they went for lunch. Just as they pulled into the restaurant, (that’s probably a bit of a posh description) there was a huge crash. They looked to the right and all the windows on the left-hand side of the bus had fallen out. Ed held his hands up and said it wasn’t me and Amber one of the trekkers said that sums up the whole trip!!  They all fell about laughing.

It sounds as if they had not only the best but most challenging of times. They are all complete superstars and have achieved 100 times more than most who have climbed. I know these stories will carry on for many years and Holly said she will never forget her time on the mountain. Loads more pictures to follow but just wanted to thank you all again. You have all been amazing supporting them on this incredible journey.  This trip means we only have a small amount to raise before we purchase another microscope which will speed up operations and really help for better patient outcome. John would be so proud of them all.

I can’t wait to see them today, which I know will be emotional.

Love to you all Laura & Holly xxx