Mounters13 Gin & Tonic

Mounters12 Gin & Tonic

Mounters13 Gin & Tonic

I’ll have a Mounters, please …

Making the perfect G&T is straightforward, but this is a cocktail easily spoiled if not prepared and presented with just a little of the panache and regard that such a choice beverage demands.

Best Practise …

Use a spirit jigger

Try a chilled glass

Large ice cubes

Fresh garnish

Cold tonic water

Ingredients …

50ml Mounters13 Dry Gin

150ml regular cold tonic water

Apple and ginger slices, or lime, to garnish

2 or 3 large pieces of ice

Bring it all together …

Pour your Mounters13 Dry Gin over the ice, then drop in a little of the garnish. Carefully add the tonic and then give a gentle stir. Place the remainder of the garnish and enjoy your Mounters G&T.

Did you know? …

 Gin can be pre-chilled in a fridge

1 part gin to 3 parts tonic is perfect

Crushed ice dilutes the tastes and aromas that are held in the alcohol

A fresh mint garnish also compliments Mounters13 Dry Gin

And finally …

A relaxed and inventive approach to any cocktail can produce great results, but attention to the finer points helps create a fresh and appetising drink. A G&T can be prepared in a fairly short time and is the perfect sundowner or winter comforter.