A Foodie Lockdown Love-In – RiverTribe Magazine

A Foodie Lockdown Love-In - RiverTribe Magazine

Wonderful to see our Amedei Award-Winning Chocolate Spread in the press -A Foodie Lockdown Love-In – RiverTribe Magazine

What a change from when I wrote the Valentine’s column last year! This year it’s all about eating in, hunkering down, and ‘hands, face, space’ etc.  Many of us are furloughed, or worse still have lost our jobs, and those who can, are working from home (as well as possibly juggling homeschooling!).  And some of us are separated from our loved ones too, making this Valentine’s weekend even more poignant.  Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day this year (remember it falls on a Sunday), I would urge you to arrange it in the next week to avoid disappointment.

In the light of this, I’ve researched a range of options for gifts, and meals, to suit a range of budgets, starting from the easily affordable, and working up to something a tad more luxurious as we all deserve a treat:

Indulge in a jar of the ultimate chocolate spread from multi-award-winning company Amedei  £10.75 (what you spread it on is up to you!).  Check out this, and other indulgent foodie gifts at Kings Fine Food, where you can also order smoked salmon, caviar, chocolates, champagne and a host other delicacies online. Kingsfinefood.co.uk

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