Tenuta Lamiotte Olive Oil

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Tenuta Lamiotte Olive OilTenuta Lamiotte are a young family-run company from Marsala. It all started when two siblings, Marco and Melania, and their cousin, Salvatore, decided to build on the solid agricultural heritage from Salvatore’s family, who has been producing olive oil for decades. The logo itself is an expression of the company’s character, a mix between tradition and innovation: two young wolves, the new generation of the family, sheltered by a tree, representing the solidity of the past.

Our goal is to bring to the tables of the world the quality of Sicily. We put all our efforts to ensure that our EVO embodies the characteristics of our territory. That is why our olives are hand-picked and we base our cultivation and production on methods that use only natural substances.

Tenuta Lamiotte EVO is Made 4 you. Tasting it means experiencing every little bit of their tradition, exactly like a trip to Sicily.