Baking with Chocolate

Baking with Chocolate

Baking with Chocolate

Probably one of our youngest bakers, Mia aged 7, has made this super Kit Kat Biscuit cake using our award-winning Amedei chocolate and one of the retro silicone cake molds.

Baking can be fun and stimulating at any age and it is wonderful to see this talent being challenged using chocolate.

If you wanted to try it yourself, here is the recipe:


Giant Kit Kat mould, exclusively from MoldyFunDotCom

800g Amedei milk chocolate

720g sugar

300g butter

300g caster or Brown Sugar

293g x2 condensed milk

Shortbreads x20


Melt chocolate and pour into Kit Kat mould, leaving some spare

Add condensed milk to a bowl

Add Sugar, Butter, Sugar to bow and mix for 20 minutes

Add mixture to the inside of the mold

Add shortbreads as desired

Add additional chocolate


Once chilled turn out and enjoy your creation.