Marron Glace

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The Art of Enjoying.

It all starts with fragrance, a scent, a sweet smell….then aromas, taste…flavour… this is a unique experience.

Enjoy your Marron Glaces calls for a ceremony that is just as important as the delicacy itself: taking the marron out of the refrigerator: resisting temptation until the marron is at room temperature, then halving it… it is important to split the marron in half to find the drop of syrup encased at the core of the fruit, which flows over its translucent flesh. When you finally melt the marron glace in your mouth, eyes closed, its rich flavours bring you unrivalled pleasure.

To avoid at all costs!!!

Never, ever put the whole marron in your mouth or cut it with a knife… the sharpness of teeth or blades whitens the flesh, making the fruit appear dry…

Do not keep marrons Glace at room temperature but store them in a dry. Cool place. Ideally in a box covered with plastic film in the vegetable compartment of your refrigerator.

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Marron Glacé / Candid Chestnut Boxed