Platinum Caviar - 250g Tin

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Platinum (Gueldenstaedtii X Baerii)
A hybrid caviar of Oscietra and Siberian Sturgeon, Platinum has a more intense flavour than Oscietra alone, often with long nutty notes and a buttery undertone, and a colour ranging from dark grey to ebony.

Available in 30g,50g,125g,250g

King's Fine Food regularly performs DNA-testing of all of its caviar and was the first UK food company to introduce this.

The word ‘caviar’ is a Persian term that means cake of strength. It’s a common assumption that the Russians began extracting and consuming caviar, when actually it was the Persians in the 16thcentury. They believed it had healing properties. In the 18thcentury, caviar was regarded as the food of the poor until royal chefs introduced Russian Tsars and nobility to it. This set in motion the demand for caviar as a delicacy – until 2008, when wild sturgeon fishing was banned under the Bern Convention, an international agreement to protect animals and the environment. Since then, all legally produced caviar has come from sturgeon farms.

All produced under CITES Accreditation

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