Sevruga Caviar - 250g Tin

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Farmed Sustainable Sevruga Caviar is dark grey in color, fine grained and carries a distinctive flavour. Instead of passing the port to the left pass this tin of caviar at the beginning of a meal and suggest that your guests taste it on the back of their hand (between the index finger and thumb), or someone else's - even more fun! This is the finest way to appreciate this great delicacy. Also a special gift.

The smallest of the eggs (and when wild caviar was available, Laura's favourite), Sevruga always imparts more of a taste of the sea and salt because of the size of the egg. In the wild, Sevruga sturgeon starts producing eggs in its eighth year, is dark grey in colour, fine grained and carries a distinctive flavour.

Most caviar dealers worldwide prefer the taste of Sevruga Acipenser Stellatus. In Russia, nets are laid at the mouth of the deltas of the Ural and Volga rivers as the fish are ready to spawn. In Iran, caviar is caught by small fishing boats laying the nets two miles from the shore.

The sturgeon are caught before the fish would normally swim to the rivers to spawn. Although now farmed mostly in Bulgaria, even the farmed Sevruga caviar is quite difficult to obtain due to its ability to produce eggs under farmed conditions.

Wonderful served for breakfast heaped in a softly boiled egg or on a new jersey potato, with just a hint of crme fraiche, its a great alternative to Wild Sevruga and a firm favourite.

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