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Farmed sustainable Sevruga Caviar would be ideal for Corporate events, a special treat for parties, or as a wonderful gift.

Do you know this ditty about sturgeon? Caviar Comes from Virgin Sturgeon (to the tune of "Reuben, Reuben, I've Been Thinking!")
 Caviar comes from virgin sturgeon;
Virgin sturgeon's a very fine dish.
Very few sturgeon are ever virgin,
That's why caviar's a very rare dish. Caviar comes from virgin sturgeon;
Virgin sturgeon's a very fine fish.
Virgin sturgeon needs no urgin';
That's why caviar is my dish. I fed caviar to my girl-friend;
She was a virgin tried and true.
Now my girl-friend needs no urgin',
There isn't anything she won't do. I fed caviar to my grandpa;
He was a gent of ninety-three.
Shrieks and squeals revealed that grandpa
Had chased grandma up a tree. Father was the keeper of the Eddystone light,
And he slept with a mermaid one fine night.
Results of this were off-spring three;
Two were fishes and the other was me. The postman came on the first of May;
The policeman came on the very same day.
Nine months later there was hell to pay:
Who fired that first sho , the blue or the gray? Little Mary went a-sledding,
And her sled turned upside down.
Now little Mary's singing,
"M'ass is in the cold, cold ground."

The smallest of the eggs (and when wild caviar was available, Laura's favourite), Sevruga always imparts more of a taste of the sea and salt because of the size of the egg. In the wild, Sevruga sturgeon starts producing eggs in its eighth year, is dark grey in colour, fine grained and carries a distinctive flavour.

Most caviar dealers worldwide prefer the taste of Sevruga Acipenser Stellatus. In Russia, nets are laid at the mouth of the deltas of the Ural and Volga rivers as the fish are ready to spawn. In Iran, caviar is caught by small fishing boats laying the nets two miles from the shore.

The sturgeon are caught before the fish would normally swim to the rivers to spawn. Although now farmed mostly in Bulgaria, even the farmed Sevruga caviar is quite difficult to obtain due to its ability to produce eggs under farmed conditions.

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