Beluga Caviar - 250g Tin

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Instead of passing the port to the left, pass this tin of caviar at the beginning of a meal and suggest that your guests taste it on the back of their hand (between the index finger and thumb), or someone else's - even more fun! This is the finest way to appreciate this great delicacy. Also a special gift.

King's Fine Food regularly performs DNA-testing of all of its caviar and was the first UK food company to introduce this.

The word Beluga epitomises quite simply the best. Beluga Caviar has the largest egg and is historically the most expensive of all sturgeon. Steely grey in colour, this Beluga caviar has a delicate egg. The taste is legendary subtle with a hint of walnut, the texture being soft and creamy. In the wild the mighty Beluga are the rarest of all sturgeon, can live for 100 years, grow to 4.5 metres in length and weigh more than an average-sized car.

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Weight 0.7500
Size No
Product Weight (g) 250.0
Manufacturer No
Is Perishable Yes
Next Day Delivery Only Yes
Mainland UK Only No
Caviar Type Beluga Caviar
Chocolate Type No
Foie Gras Preservation Type No
Foie Gras Truffled Type No
Foie Gras Type No
Oil Type No
Olive Type No
Seafood Type No
Specialist Food No
Olive Oil Types No
Tin Size Type 250g
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