1. John King Brain Tumour Foundation

    John King Brain Tumour Foundation

    Such an emotional, exciting day. Thanks to everyone’s incredible support.

    £133,000 has been raised to purchase the life-enhancing microscope for St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Used more than 1,200 times annually on operations it will change lives.

    Here we have Laura King handing over the incredible cheque to Doctor Tim Jones, John's Neurosurgeon and Trustee of the #JohnKIngBTF in the McKissock garden where it all started. Now a stunning garden for patients at Atkinson Morley Hospital, Wimbledon.

    Massive thanks to the John King Brain Tumour Foundation.

    John would be so proud.

    Donations are always welcome, our next step as a charity is to fund a clinical nurse and support to assist people under 40, as brain tumours kill more people under 40 than any other cancer.

    John King Brain Tumour Foundation


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  2. Gioia—golden chocolate pralines

    Gioia—golden chocolate pralines

    Gioia—golden chocolate pralines.

    'Pralines represent the spirit with which Amedei traces day after day, more than 20 years from its foundation, the path of passion and emotion in the world of high-end chocolate.'

    Master chocolatier, Cecilia Tessieri, is dedicated to her art and to the finest ingredients she uses—including cocoa beans directly from cocoa plantations. She has created Gioia, a selection of Dark chocolates enrobing delicate hints of yellow fruit and small lemon peels, with peach and apricot. The finishing touch is impressive gilding in edible flakes of 23-carat gold on the top.

    These fine, melt-in-the-mouth chocolates are handmade in Pontedera, Tuscany.

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