1. Gioia—golden chocolate pralines

    Gioia—golden chocolate pralines

    Gioia—golden chocolate pralines.

    'Pralines represent the spirit with which Amedei traces day after day, more than 20 years from its foundation, the path of passion and emotion in the world of high-end chocolate.'

    Master chocolatier, Cecilia Tessieri, is dedicated to her art and to the finest ingredients she uses—including cocoa beans directly from cocoa plantations. She has created Gioia, a selection of Dark chocolates enrobing delicate hints of yellow fruit and small lemon peels, with peach and apricot. The finishing touch is impressive gilding in edible flakes of 23-carat gold on the top.

    These fine, melt-in-the-mouth chocolates are handmade in Pontedera, Tuscany.

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  2. Chocolate Galette Des Rois

    Chocolate Galette Des Rois

    Thank you for this super recipe created by Angela from Patisserie Makes perfect 

    My first recipe is a chocolate galette des rois which is traditionally served on epiphany (6th January), I made the galette in plenty of time, but editing the photos and getting the recipe typed up meant I missed epiphany. So you can make this galette next year, or you can make it just because it tastes great and I don’t think that chocolate frangipane and puff pastry should be limited to one day of the year.

     If you don’t know the history of the galette des rois or king cake, it is a French pastry that is said to draw the kings (three wise men) to the epiphany. The cake normally has a feve, which was a broad bean inside it, and the person who has the piece of galette with the feve gets to wear the crown and is a king for the day.

    I’ll be honest I didn’t bother with the feve, or the crown. I wanted to make the chocolate galette des rois because it tastes so delicious. I have made galette des rois a few times, but I saw a recipe online for a chocolate version and I had to try it. King’s Fine Foods had kindly sent me some Amedei chocolate, some of their 90% cocoa chocolate and some of their No.9 range which is 75% cocoa. I used a blend of the two to create this, so it isn’t too sweet, but not too bitter either.

    Chocolate Galette Des Rois

    Author: Patisserie Makes Perfect

    Prep time:  4 hours

    Cook time:  45 mins

    Total time:  4 hours 45 mins

    Serves: 8-10


    This puff pastry recipe is adapted from William Curley's book patisserie.



    225g Unsalted Butter, softened

    ***Puff Pastry***

    125g Plain Flour

    125g Strong White Bread Flour

    5g Table Salt

    25g Unsalted Butter, cubed and fridge cold

    100ml Cold Water

    1 egg yolk for glazing


    65g Amedei Dark Chocolate 90% Cocoa

    35g Amedei No.9 Dark Chocolate 75% Cocoa

    50g Unsalted Butter, softened

    100g Caster Sugar

    1 Egg + 1 Yolk

    100g Ground Almonds

    1 Tbsp Dark Rum


    Take a sheet of greaseproof paper and draw a 10cm x 10cm square on it, turn the square over and place the 225g butter in the middle of it. Using a stepped palette knife spread the butter into an even layer so that it fills the square.

    Use the knife to neaten the edges and corners, wrap the square up in the greaseproof paper and then wrap in cling-film and place it in the fridge to firm up.

    Place the 25g of butter, both types of flour and salt in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Mix on a low speed until it resembles breadcrumbs.

    Add the water and mix again until it starts to form a dough.

    Tip the dough onto a surface that is clean and knead it until it all comes together and begins to look smooth and a bit elastic.

    Shape the dough into a ball and cut a cross in the top of it. Wrap the dough in cling-film and let it rest in the fridge for an hour.

    Take the dough out of the fridge and place it on a lightly floured surface. Roll out the dough from each cut edge until it looks like a diamond that will be big enough to encase the butter block (beurrage).

    Place the butter block on the pastry and pull up the triangles to encase the dough like an envelope.

    Press the dough together with your fingers so that the butter is completely encased.

    Roll the pastry out into a rectangle that is three times as long as the width. Fold the top third of the dough over, using a pastry brush, brush off any excess flour and then fold the bottom third up to cover the top third, again brushing off any excess flour.

    Turn the dough 90 degrees so that the folded edge is on the left or right now.

    Roll the dough out again to a size that is three times as long as the width and then fold the top third of the dough over, using a pastry brush remove any excess flour.

    Fold the bottom third of the dough over the top and again brush off any excess flour.

    Wrap the dough in cling-film and place in a Zip lock bag to stop any moisture getting to the pastry and let it rest in the fridge for an hour.

    After an hour take the pastry out of the fridge and repeat the last four steps twice more, this will mean you have completed 6 turns in 3 batches.

    Place the dough in the fridge to chill for another hour.

    When the dough is chilled, cut it into two blocks one that is a third in size and one that is two thirds.

    Take the larger block of pastry and place it back in the fridge. Roll out the smaller piece of pastry on a floured surface and cut out a circle that is 22cm in diameter. Place this round of pastry back in the fridge on a piece of greaseproof paper.

    Take the larger block of pastry and roll it out on a floured surface, cut out a circle that is 24cm in diameter.

    Place this round of pastry back in the fridge on a piece of greaseproof paper.

    Next make the filling, melt the chocolate in a bain-marie and then place to one side.

    In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream the butter and sugar together.

    Add the egg and the egg yolk and beat until combined, then add the ground almonds and mix until combined.

    Then using a spatula scrape in the melted chocolate and add the dark rum, gently stir it into the frangipane mixture. When it is all combined, place the chocolate frangipane in a disposable piping back and place to one side.

    Preheat the oven to 160C Fan/180C and place the smaller circle of pastry on a baking tray with the greaseproof paper still underneath. Pipe a spiral of the chocolate frangipane onto the ring of dough, leaving 2cm from the edge of the pastry. If you don’t use all the frangipane, just pipe it on top starting from the middle, you want an almost dome-like shape.

    Take the egg wash and using a brush, spread it around the exposed edge of the bottom piece of pastry.

    Take the larger ring of pastry out of the fridge and place it gently over the bottom half of the galette des rois. Press the edges together and crimp them so that the galette will not come apart when cooking.

    Brush the galette with the rest of the egg wash and place it back in the fridge for 15 minutes.

    Take the galette out of the fridge and then using a small sharp knife score any pattern you want into the top of the galette, be careful not to cut all the way through the pastry, you don’t want any filling to spill out.

    Place the galette in the oven and bake for 35-45 minutes until it is golden.

    Remove the galette from the oven and leave to firm up on the tray for 30 mins before transferring to a wire rack and leaving to cool.

    This keeps well, but does taste best on the day of baking.

    To read the complete article please visit www.patisseriemakesperfect.co.uk


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  3. Paradise Blooming

    Paradise Blooming

    Touch Paradise with the new Christmas collection by Amedei

    A refined journey of discovery to taste the chocolate Paradise on Earth. An enthralling adventure towards a new world for those who like to enjoy life and allow themselves to indulge in the exclusive sensation that envelops all the taste buds.

    From cocoa beans to tablets, to pralines, this year’s Christmas treat is called Paradise Blooming, the new, extremely elegant, Christmas collection by Amedei, an Italian company specialising in the production of excellent artisan chocolate. A touch of absolute pleasure, thanks to the enhancement of the finest cocoa beans coming from the wonderful places that preserve the origin and creation of this divine product.

    Paradise Blooming consecrates Amedei as a place where excellence, quality, experience, and absolute taste coexist. Where those who seek knowledge, creation, and savoir faire and love the exaltation of the Italian dolce vita when looking for something different take refuge.

    This Christmas collection is the answer to all your wishes, with the proposal of 4 different Amedei Chocolate selections with evocative names taking inspiration from the Garden of Eden.

    The journey begins with a delightful symphony offered by a mix of enchanting melodies. We will listen to the notes of Toscano Black 70, the first ever to offer a stout blend of authentic dark chocolate, structured with tobacco and toasted malt scents;Toscano Black 90 will be added to the melody, a strong blend of creamy dark chocolate, structured with white flower and toasted bread scents, capable of balancing bitter and sweet without renouncing to creaminess;then Acero 95 arrives, an extra-strong blend of soft dark chocolate, structured with licorice and wild citrus scents, an absolute innovation capable of perfectly balancing chocolate and maple sugar, softer and with a low glycemic index. Until the apex of ecstasy is reached when Chuao arrives, strong single-origin, full-bodied dark chocolate, structured with pure red fruit and honey scents. A rare raw material due to procurement, and therefore production, difficulties.

    Ready to leave.Getting away from all the rest. Now is the time for Paradise Blooming by Amedei.

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  4. The River Cafe Hamper

    The River Cafe Hamper

    Amedei Chocolate are thrilled to be included in The River Cafe Hamper, this includes a selection of our chocolate bars and chocolate buttons. For more information please visit https://bit.ly/2ktElRP

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  5. Amedei Toscano Black: A twenty-year long search for perfection for an extraordinary dark chocolate experience

    Amedei Toscano Black: A twenty-year long search for perfection for an extraordinary dark chocolate experience

    Amedei Toscano Black: A twenty-year long search for perfection for an extraordinary dark chocolate experience

    Amedei celebrates the twentieth anniversary of its iconic range with a limited edition of Toscano Black 70 and the brand new Toscano Black 90

    Amedei pays tribute to twenty years of the Toscano Blackline, its first step in the long journey undertaken in the world of top-quality chocolate, with a limited edition of Toscano Black 70, the first and historic chocolate creation by Amedei, and with the new Toscano Black 90, the 90% extra dark chocolate enriching and completing this precious range, synonymous with perfection in the art of dark chocolate.

    Amedei has since 1990 represented the Italian mastery and excellence in the art of artisan chocolate transformation. Throughout its history, it has discovered and enhanced the finest cocoa beans coming from the marvelous places that preserve the origin and creation of this divine product. Control of the entire production chain, from the bean to the tablet, has always set the company apart in its responsibility for shaping authentic and timeless taste emotions.

    It was 1998 when Cecilia Tessieri, the first female maître chocolatier in the world and the founder of Amedei, gave life to her very first creation, Toscano Black 70, carefully dosing few ingredients of the highest quality and processing them by hand: cocoa beans and cane sugar, perfectly balanced in order to obtain a 70% extra dark chocolate blend with such a unique and pioneering aromatic profile that it won 5 international awards at the London Academy of Chocolate.

    Today Amedei and Toscano Black have maintained the same spirit as in those days. The difference is an increased knowledge that has been developed over time, thanks to the creation of always new blends, recipes, and combinations of ingredients that have given rise to flavours and aromas capable of captivating all gourmands.

    The new celebratory packaging thus preserves the unmistakable timeless taste of Toscano Black 70 and its inviting and authentic fragrance, tinged with tobacco and toasted malt scents. Its structured flavour, after the initial delicacy, bursts out overwhelmingly, offering the palate an absolute and inimitable taste experience.

    With the new Toscano Black 90, innovation espouses excellence. Dark chocolate, which reaches 90%, is harmonised with a delicate fragrance of white flowers that gives rise to an inviting blend with an intense hot chocolate scent, which ferries one over to an incredible discovery of tastes: the chocolate, very creamy, has a long-lasting flavour that leaves a surprisingly fresh palate in the finale. An aromatic, persistent, and irresistible charge, a true invitation to take another bite.

    For the more delicate palates, the answer resides in Tuscan Black 63, where you can taste a pleasing, dark chocolate floral blend structured with honey and toasted malt scents. Its taste is rich, full-bodied and creamy, leaving your mouth fresh and well balanced.

    Together with Toscano White/ white chocolate, Toscano Nut Brown/ gianduja and Toscano Brown/ milk, Toscano Black 63, 70 and90 are part of the family I Classic Amedei, which brings together the most traditional chocolate flavours in the iconic 50gr tablet size and in 5gr napolitains format, perfect for tastings and food pairings.

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  6. Amedei High Cocoa & Prendimé Range

    Amedei High Cocoa & Prendimé Range

    The bar that got me was this rather tasty three layer gianduja bar. If you don’t know, gianduja is a blend of hazelnut paste and chocolate. It is sometimes the basis of chocolate & nut spreads and sometimes the filling for bonbons, but it can also be made firm enough to produce a bar on its own.

    Read the complete review for the new Amedei chocolate bars from Chocablog herehere

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  7. Gala Dinner at Claridge’s Hotel 18th October 2018

    Gala Dinner at Claridge’s Hotel 18th October 2018

    The John King brain Tumour Foundation was delighted to host a Gala Dinner at Claridge's Hotel on Thursday 18th October to help raise much-needed funds for medical equipment for St George’s Trust.

    The evening commenced with a Champagne Reception followed by a sumptuous three-course dinner specially designed by Claridge’s Executive Chef Martyn Nail.

    Jeffrey Archer auctioned an array of money-can’t-buy experiences, fine art, sports, wine, and food prizes and there was an amazing musical performance after dinner.

    The Gala Dinner gave us the opportunity to meet some inspirational people and hear from our Patron Mr. Henry Marsh who was Consultant Neurosurgeon at St George’s Hospital. He has written some fascinating books on the life of a brain surgeon and provided a unique and heart-rending insight into his work and how vital funding and research can save lives.

    A big thank you to everyone who helped support such an amazing evening at our first fundraising ball.

    Together we can save lives!

    Laura x

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  8. Carers Trust Event

    Carers Trust Event
    Laura King attends the Carers Trust dinner at The Ritz Hotel London with some wonderful people including HRH Princess Royal.
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  9. Golf Day at Trump Turnberry

    Golf Day at Trump Turnberry

    It was a chilly, blustery weekend at Trump Turnberry, but this did not distract from the excellent golf played at the annual Academy of Culinary Arts Golf Day organised by Laura King. A special day for all the players and of course a lasting memory of the late Chef John King.

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  10. Newly landscaped roof garden promotes speedy recoveries at St George’s Hospital

    Newly landscaped roof garden promotes speedy recoveries at St George’s Hospital

    Newly landscaped roof garden promotes speedy recoveries at St George’s Hospital

    By Rume Otuguor

    A roof garden transformed at St George’s Hospital in Tooting will keep alive the memory of a revered chef.

    Laura King noticed the garden during her husband John’s treatment for a brain tumour and set about helping to transform the space after seeing the benefits the garden had on patients’ recovery.

    Mrs King established the John King Brain Tumour Foundation after her husband died in 2016. The foundation adopted the garden and, thanks to a team of friends and charitable donations, it is being maintained for the benefit of patients, visitors and staff.

    Gary Hunter, vice principal for hospitality and adult learning at Westminster College, where Mr King lectured, said: “He was a remarkable chef and one of life’s true gentlemen. He was everything a professional chef should aspire to be.”

    The oasis of greenery is tucked away on the second floor of the Atkinson Morley Wing adjacent to the McKissick Neurosurgery Ward.

    It was originally commissioned by brain surgeon Henry Marsh, but was in need of some TLC following his retirement in 2015.

    RHS Gold medal winning garden designer Tony Woods and Landscape company Garden Club London Ltd teamed up to bring the garden to life.

    Generous sponsorship included shaded pergolas by Forest Garden Products and an artificial lawn from Namgrass.

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