Amedei Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts Prendimè 500g

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If you like hazelnuts, you will not be able to resist this 500g bar of dark chocolate. Infused with whole nutty hazelnuts from Piedmont, the dark chocolate encapsulates the taste buds for a gastronomical experience in every bite.

Tip: The 500g bar with Hazelnuts is great for nutty desserts or puddings. Yum!

This 500g bar is designed to be shared at the end of a meal, with a group of friends (or eaten alone by real chocolate lovers).

A 500g bar of award-winning Amedei Italian chocolate.

These bars are perfect for enjoying just as they are and make an excellent, surprise after-dinner treat to share with guests, or as a perfect gift for the chocolate lovers in your life. Prendime is also ideal for baking, puddings and desserts, and is used by top pastry chefs around the world. The recipe of excellence. The purest cocoa, sugar cane, the best milk, fruit and natural flavours, masterfully and patiently combined, without any additives like soy lecithin or colouring agents. This is the secret of exceptional chocolate, chocolate like no other that is a total new experience. Here is an encounter with fine confectionery and you’ll never forget the deep pleasure of that first single bite. Undoubtedly, you'll want to repeat this experience.

This is akin to eating a slab of parmesan; great to dig into with a knife.

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