Amedei Couverture Chocolate Bar Toscano Brown - 1 kilo

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Amedei milk brown chocolate has an unusual and delicate aroma and is slightly salty with hints of honey and white flowers. This 1 kg bar of traditional milk Amedei chocolate is ideal for any chefs or the catering trade. Perfect every time! 

The taste: a surprising snap for a milk chocolate, pleasant fresh creamy flavour, well balanced with a wafer sensation, honeyed but not sweet. Makes you want to taste it again.

The memory of milk, of green mountain pastures, the memory of holidays spent with parents… All these things are contained in Amedei’s chocolate. With this idea in mind, Cecilia Tessieri tried to find the right formula for “her” milk chocolate.

This chocolate is a real jewel among those available on the market, standing out from the others because of its delightful fragrance of cream and, milk, its delicious flavours of butter, vanilla and honey, but never too sweet. It has a notable crispness in the mouth, almost like that of a fondant.

It is a chocolate in the classical tradition but demonstrating the discernment and creative joyfulness of a praline.

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