Amedei Couverture Chocolate Bar Toscano Black 63% - 1 kilo

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Amedei Toscano Dark Black 63% chocolate has intense aromas of Mediterranean woodland, millefleurs honey, a hint of wood- oven-baked bread, fresh tobacco, and green tomato chutney. The 1 kg catering size is ideal for chocolate cooking and baking.

The taste: decisive snap, rich flavour typical of hot chocolate. A floral, full and creamy chocolate that leaves the palate clean and well balanced.

The “Tuscan Blacks” are three blends of different types of cocoa bean, which come from plantations exclusively selected by Amedei where the mix of beans and percentage of cocoa varies. It is the chocolate with which Cecilia Tessieri, Amedei’s maitre chocolatier, expresses her philosophy of couverture chocolate.

This is “real chocolate”, the result of more than three hundred years of experimentation, discussions, tastings, trends and customs from the days of the early colonies to the Age of Enlightenment, from France to Belgium, to Holland and to Italy.

The chocolate is an attempt to enclose, within one “Napolitain”, all the flavour of chocolate. It is the result of the chocolatirs skill and knowledge.

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