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William Curley Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients 150ml Whipping cream 150ml Milk 60g Egg yolks 30g Caster sugar 400ml Whipping cream 320g Dark chocolate Blanco de Criollo Method 1. Place the whipping cream 300g and the milk into a pan and bring to the boil. Meanwhile, whisk the egg yolks and sugar together in a large mixing bowl until the mix […]

Burrata, pea, grapefruit, caviar and leek salad by chef Marcus Wareing

Burrata, pea, grapefruit, caviar and leek salad by chef Marcus Wareing  This light summer salad from Marcus Wareing comes with an indulgent twist. Burrata is an extra creamy cheese similar to mozzarella, often available online or in fine cheese mongers. Use a good-quality, fruity extra virgin olive oil when making this burrata salad recipe for the best results. […]

A Toast to San Giuliano!

A favourite to many, there is nothing more comforting when you are feeling under the weather than a fresh piece of toast laden with your favourite marmalade. Not only does it give you that comforting, feel-good factor but the King’s Fine food range of San Giuliano Marmalades, produced in Sicily, will add that little ray […]

Boyajian Oils – The Baker’s secret!

If watching GBBO has inspired you to get baking, take a look at King’s range of Boyajian Baking Essentials, naturally infused oils. Made in the USA, these all-natural Boyajian citrus oils, flavourings and extracts are cherished by both home and professional bakers. They add a new dimension to cooking, baking, sweet making, ice cream making […]