1. Charity Skydive Event

    Charity Skydive Event

    20th October 2019 at Headcorn Aerodrome

    Skydivers jump to it to raise £9,500 for the neurosurgical department at St. George’s Hospital, Atkinson Morley Wing.

    A team of 9 made a leap of faith as aerial dare-devils in the first skydive in aid of the John King Brain Tumour Foundation.

    The group took the plunge from 12,000 ft above the Kent countryside free falling at 120mph, each in tandem with an instructor from Jump Headcorn, raising more than £9,500.00.

    John King’s wife Laura who is Chair of the charity said: 

    “The Team Skydive event was absolutely brilliant. I was delighted to be joined on the jump by 8 people so dedicated to helping us that they gave up their rest day to skydive out of a plane at 12,000ft is just incredible, and between us we have raised more than £9,500 in sponsorship. That is just amazing."

    St.George's staff members, Mary Normile, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Neuro-Oncology and Ian BickertonTeam leader neurosurgical theatres bravely participated in the skydive. “ We were delighted to be able to support the John King Brain Tumour Foundation and help raise funds towards a new microscope. We see first-hand the difference the state of the art surgical microscopes make to the quality of patient care. It has far exceeded expectations, enabling our surgeons to operate in ways they could once only dream of. To continue to offer this high standard of care for more patients additional microscopes of advanced calibre are required.”

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  2. New Chairs for McKissock Garden

    New Chairs for McKissock Garden

    We are so happy to say the new chairs have arrived for the McKissock Garden and are now installed for all to enjoy.

    The famous Brain Surgeon Henry Marsh CBE commissioned the gardens to help with patient recovery however following Henry's retirement in 2015 the garden was in serious need of some TLC.

    With the agreement of the hospital, the John King Brain Tumour Foundation has adopted the garden and thanks to a team of friends and charitable donations, it has been transformed into an oasis where patients and their families can escape the hospital and see the sky, surrounded by trees and growing plants all full of life. 

    We are pleased with our latest additions.


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  3. Sky Dive - John King Brain Tumour Foundation

    Sky Dive - John King Brain Tumour Foundation

    To all you fantastic  people who sponsored me. 

    It was amazing but very scary doing the first 40 second free fall.  I was first out so had no choice but to leave the plane!!

    Huge huge thanks for all your wonderful donations.  We are hoping as a team to raise £10,000 so well on or way.

    We are planning another Sky Dive next year (I won’t be doing this!!!!!)   If anyone fancies it.

    You have all been so kind with your support and John would be honoured we are doing all this in his name to make a difference. 

    Thanks again Laura xxx

    Sky DiveSky Diving

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  4. The steps of caviar processing

    The steps of caviar processing

    The steps of caviar processing from the extraction of the caviar to the packing and the end result. 

    1. The roe is extracted from the belly of the fish.

    2. The roe and fat are separated, by rubbing gently through a sieve.

    The roe and fat are separated

    3. The roe is washed in water.

    The roe is washed with water

    4. The roes are emptied onto the sieve and allowed to drip for a few minutes.

    The roes are allowed to drain

    5. Roe selection, this process is when broken roes or fat are picked out and removed.

    Roe selection

    6. Salting.


    7. The caviar is filled into the original tins.

    Filling the tins of caviar

    8. Here we have the finished products.

    The finished product

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  5. Chef Ken Hom OBE & Amedei Chocolate

    Chef Ken Hom OBE & Amedei Chocolate

    A big thank you to Chef Ken Hom for sharing some time on his visit to the UK at the Dorchester Hotel.

    Our first tasting for the afternoon was with the award-winning Amedei Chocolate, was enjoyed by all.

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  6. Chef Ken Hom OBE has a King's Caviar Experience

    Chef Ken Hom OBE has a King's Caviar Experience

    Following on from the Amedei Chocolate experience Chef Ken Hom enjoys a selection of the King's Fine Food Caviar.

    Oscietra, Imperial, and Platinum.

    Chef Ken Hom enjoys King's caviarChef Ken Hom with King's caviar

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  7. John King Brain Tumour Foundation Fundraising Event

    John King Brain Tumour Foundation Fundraising Event

    Many thanks to all who attended the John King Brain Tumour Foundation event recently held at Fortnum & Mason ‬in Picadilly.

    ‪Big thanks to neurosurgeon Tim Jones from  St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust ‬
    ‪Brain Surgeon Henry Marsh CBE and amazing support from Tony Woods of Garden Club London.‬

    ‪We have raised over 200K already and on a mission to raise more. With your help, we can achieve this goal.

    John King Brain Tumour Foundation Event

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  8. How to Serve Your Caviar

    How to Serve Your Caviar

    How to Serve Your Caviar

    Ideally, we recommend that your caviar should be served chilled. Once removed from the fridge the caviar may be transferred to Mother of Pearl dishes or consumed directly from the container.

    Placing your dish or container on crushed ice not only looks more appealing it will help to prolong the caviar's coolness and freshness. 

    Caviar Spoons

    We like to suggest using the traditionally used caviar spoons made from Mother of Pearl or Horn. This prevents tainting the wonderful flavour of the caviar eggs whilst serving.


    Caviar has a delicate flavour and should be served with accompaniments that don't overwhelm its flavour (if with anything at all). Remember simpler is better. Traditional garnishes include small slices of toast, blinis, unsalted crackers, crème fraiche or sour cream. Quails eggs go well with caviar and potatoes are another traditional accompaniment, either baked or boiled new potatoes.

    Accompanied by a glass of Ice-cold vodka, which helps to clear the palate or Champagne is a great pairing. A good, clean, dry white wine can also go well. 

    How Much to Serve

    If you were serving caviar by itself, we would recommend 30-50g per person as a guide. If you were serving the caviar on canapés we would work on 5g per canapé.


    If by chance you do not finish your caviar or use it all on this occasion, reseal the caviar tin and keep in the coolest part of your refrigerator for up to 2/3 days.

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  9. Caviar Tasting with Interior Designer Penny Allen

    Caviar Tasting with Interior Designer Penny Allen

    What a delightful afternoon well spent with Interior Designer Penny Allen - Caviar tasting with the Caviar Queen herself Laura King.

    Caviar tasting with White Chocolate from Amedei

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  10. Roe to Perdition - Andy Hayler's restaurant guide

    Roe to Perdition - Andy Hayler's restaurant guide

    I wanted to learn more about caviar and was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with Laura King, founder of Kings Caviar, which is the largest UK supplier.

    They supply restaurants including The Fat Duck and The Ritz and stores such as Harrods and Fortnum & Masons. We did a comparative tasting of quite a few different types from both Belgium and China.

    These days wild caviar is outlawed in order to preserve stocks, so any caviar you can legally buy is farmed. The largest suppliers are the Chinese, but there are also farms in several other countries. There is even notionally one in the UK, though apparently that appears to be more of a holding pen for Polish caviar than a true farm.

    There are 26 different species of sturgeon, and almost all of these have at some point been used for caviar, as well as hybrids. However, beluga (the largest freshwater fish in the world), oscietra and sevruga are the most prestigious, while baerii, which matures much quicker than beluga, is used for entry-level caviar. The hybrid kaluga is similar to beluga and can be nearly as expensive.

    Of the caviars that I tried I particularly liked the Belgian beluga.

    Read more of Andy's reviews at www.andyhayler.com 

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