Iberico Ham

Iberico Ham

Ibérico ham is the best!

Ibérico ham is made from the large black Ibérico pig, which has slender legs, an elongated snout and very little hair. The veins of fat running through this hog’s muscle, along with large amounts of fat layering each ham, allow a longer curing time for the hams.

The ultimate result is a long, thin leg of ham with a deep golden hue to its fat. The meat is dark red, marbled with veins of fat. Serve wafer thin slices of this wonderful ham on a well-warmed plate and watch the fat melt before your eyes.

As you savour this ham’s unparalleled notes of sweetness and nutty flavours and marvel at its complex, intense flavours you’ll be transported to the Spanish landscape of Ibérico where the swine feast on acorns.

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