King's Caviar Tasting Notes

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April 18, 2017

King's Caviar Tasting Notes

Kings Beluga (Huso Huso) 

Egg size – largest egg

Egg colour – steely grey

Production – after 10 years

Taste - Beluga possesses a faint flavour of walnuts, the sea and holds notes of nuttiness. Very well rounded in flavour with a hint of cream on the palette.

Beluga is historically the most expensive of all caviar. Bulgaria produces the finest farmed Beluga, the taste being legendary. It is the only sturgeon, which is carnivorous.

The Beluga because of its rarity is considered to be the King of Caviar's.

Kings Oscietra (Gueldenstaedtii) 

Egg size – large

Egg colour – golden brown to taupe in colour.

Production – between 6 – 8 years

Taste - these perfectly formed eggs have a nutty mellow taste, bursting into a buttery sweetness similar to the taste of lobster.

Oscietra Caviar is full flavoured caviar is often picked as a favourite in blind tastings and used by many of the Michelin chefs. Historically the egg is smaller than Beluga, but with increased farming the egg size can sometimes be almost as large as its mighty cousin.

Wonderful consumed with a softly boiled egg with the caviar heaped on top for breakfast.

Kings Siberian Sturgeon (Baerii) 

Egg size – medium

Egg colour – ranging from dark grey to ebony.

Production – between 5 - 6 years

Taste - more intense flavour than osceitra, often with long hazelnut notes

This Siberian sturgeon is farmed far more than any other as it produces its eggs relatively quickly.

Kings Aquitaine (Baerii)

Egg size – good

Egg colour – grey to golden brown in colour.

Production –within 6 years

Taste - its delicate salting brings out the full expression of its long hazelnut flavour on the palate.

If you wanted to set up a sturgeon farm, the Baerii sturgeon would probably be your first choice. A cousin of the Oscietra Sturgeon. The egg has a great texture when it breaks in the mouth.

Kings Imperial  

Egg size – good

Egg colour – light to dark grey

Taste - delicate but intense almond cream flavour.

This is a hybrid of the Acipenser Schrenckii and Huso Dauricus. The caviar from China.

Platinum (Gueldenstaedtii X Baerii)

Egg size – good

Egg colour – colour ranging from dark grey to ebony.

Taste - Very soft on the palette with a faint hint of cream.

Platinum Caviar has a more intense flavour than osceitra, this Hybrid caviar from Belgium from the Oscietra and Baerri sturgeon is a good size egg. Almost, as big as Beluga. 


The word ‘caviar’ is a Persian term that means cake of strength. It’s a common assumption that the Russians began extracting and consuming caviar, when actually it was the Persians in the 16th century. They believed it had healing properties. In the 18th century, caviar was regarded as the food of the poor until royal chefs introduced Russian Tsars and nobility to it. This set in motion the demand for caviar as a delicacy – until 2008, when wild sturgeon fishing was banned under the Bern Convention, an international agreement to protect animals and the environment. Since then, all legally produced caviar has come from sturgeon farms. 

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