How to taste caviar – tips from Laura King

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April 18, 2017

How to taste caviar - tips from Laura King.

Anticipation, ambience and visual beauty – the experience of enjoying caviar comes down to more than the taste. Here are a few steps to make the most of tasting King’s caviar:-

  1. Always scoop caviar with an elegant mother of pearl spoon. Not just because it’s the perfect complement to the caviar but also:
    •  using silver or gold-plated spoons can taint the taste
    • mother of pearl is less likely to damage the eggs
  2. Tasting caviar from the back of your hand is the purest way to ensure you get the best experience from the most luxurious food in the world.
  3. Take a small mouthful of caviar and savour the sensation as the eggs burst with flavour on your tongue before swallowing. Allow all your senses to benefit from the wonderful aromas and taste.
  4. Caviar has a buttery, lobster taste and fills your senses with the aromas of the sea! 
  5. Serve with a glass of fizzy chilled Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut as it echoes the melting of the caviar
  6. Once caviar has been opened it will last for seven days in an airtight container in the fridge so always plan how you are going to use it, if unsure opt for smaller tins rather than a large one.
  7. 30g per person is appropriate for a full serving, though many passionate caviar lovers would appreciate considerably more!
  8. Caviar is not suitable for use in cooking. Always serve chilled. To preserve its freshness and taste, present your tin of caviar on a bed of ice.
  9. Caviar has an array of complex flavours so when serving, combine it with simple food to enhance the overall taste:-
  10. At King’s Fine Food, we love caviar simply with a soft boiled egg
  11. Caviar is classically served on blinis with sour cream
  12. Another favourite is a slice of King’s wild smoked salmon with a small serving of caviar - the perfect match
  13. Controversially, but not surprisingly, Chef Heston Blumenthal serves King’s caviar on top of wafer thin discs of Amedei white chocolate – sweet and salty, and utterly delicious!

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