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Born and raised in South Shields, the son of a fisherman, John started his rise to Michelin star studying catering at South Shields College and then Westminster College, London. 

John King was a much-loved chef with an international reputation.

So what’s the secret of Amedei - the six-time winner of The Academy of Chocolate’s Golden Bean Award?

I have been supplying caviar, and other fine foods, to London’s most prestigious hotels and restaurants for over 25 years.

Anticipation, ambience and visual beauty – the experience of enjoying caviar comes down to more than the taste. 

King's Caviar Tasting Notes

Posted by King's Fine Food on April 18, 2017

Laura's guide to tasting caviar.

Caviar Tasting

Posted by King's Fine Food on March 28, 2017

Holly King and Alex Aitken.

The Atkinson Morley Hospital Garden

Posted by King's Fine Food on February 26, 2017

Three new trees have been planted.

Amedei Chef’s Selection

Posted by King's Fine Food on February 19, 2017

Amedei offers only the best chocolate for your desserts.

Amedei Armonie Toscane

Posted by King's Fine Food on January 31, 2017

Twelve delicious chocolate pralines, presented in a box that opens with the grace of a flower.

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