Giuliano Tartufi

Giuliano Tartufi

History of the company

Giuliano Tartufi” has its origin from Giuliano’s main hobby and passion: truffle hunting. In the 1980s early in the morning, before starting work in the factory, Giuliano used to go truffle hunting through the woods together with his inseparable dog Leda. Between the years 1986 and 1989 he started buying and selling fresh truffles by participating in the Local Fairs near Pietralunga. In 1994 he decided to devote himself completely to this job by setting up a small laboratory where some products were processed and by participating in the most important national Fairs. In 2001 the starting up of the “ Giuliano Tartufi” Company, marked a successful economic activity that is still continuing and expanding


The production The Giuliano Tartufi

Company is specialized in the purchase of fresh truffles mostly harvested in Central Italy. The owner, Giuliano Martinelli, personally selects and buys the product from a well-established net of truffle hunters. The twenty years’ experience acquired in truffle processing by the 15 employees allows the company to produce a wide range of specialities that meet the requirements of the most demanding and refined customers. Until 2004 the company had mainly concentrated processing a few truffle products that are still among the best sold and appreciated. Since then the business has been expanding its structure and its turnover both in Italy and abroad. The production has been enlarged with new truffle recipes developed both with traditional techniques and with more sophisticated methodologies. The expansion has been accompanied by a programme of information and promotion on products and territory that has given the company a higher profile in national and international markets.

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