Georges Bruck


It’s a well known fact that the best foie gras has a rich, subtle taste and melts in the mouth. George Bruck is a traditional family-run foie gras business, which was established in 1852, in Strasbourg. Today, with fve generations of expertise in the business, George Bruck produces the finest foie gras from only the best goose and duck livers in Alsace. Bruck is also proud of the fact that it does not add water to the product (inferior foie gras can contain up to as much as 10% water).

All of George Bruck’s closely-guarded recipes, with their unique mixtures of herbs and spices, have been passed down over a century and a half to lend the products their unique taste and aroma. The only happy dilemma for lovers of  George Bruck foie gras is whether to choose duck or goose foie gras. The delicate flavours of goose foie gras made it the gatronaut’s firm favourite up until recently, but  now duck foie gras is gaining in popularity due to its more pronounced rustic flavours of game.

George Bruck also produces a superb range of truffles and truffle juice, a real gastronomic treat. All truffles used in George Bruck’s foie gras are the finest in the world and are sourced from Périgord in France.