BrookfarmThe escape to the country story of Pam and Martin Brook, an overworked couple with a young family living in Australia’s second largest city Melbourne, is inspirational. But only after a decade’s toil, on land with over 4,500 macadamia trees and 30,000 native trees in Byron Bay, did Pam and Martin produce Brookfarm’s first commercial crop in 1999.

Though thousands of miles from his beloved native Devon, where he also grew up, Martin instantly felt at home in the lush rolling pastures of the Byron Hinterland as they so reminded him of his birthplace, even if the climate was somewhat different!

Today, Brookfarm is Australia’s leading producer of Gourmet Macadamia products, with over 35 National and International awards, including the UK Great Tastes Gold Medal for Brookfarm’s Macadamia oil infused with local lemon myrtle and a Silver medal for its oven-baked Gluten-free muesli. Unsurprisingly, Brookfarm’s Gluten-free range is considered to be the best in the world.

From the outset, Brookfarm committed to planting 1,500 rainforest trees a year and since their arrival keen conservationists Pam and Martin have planted over 30,000 sub-tropical rainforest and Eucalyptus trees. All aspects of the agricultural operations on Brookfarm were scrutinised to reduce carbon footprint and these changes have helped Brookfarm work towards carbon negative status. Neither are chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers used on Brookfarm.

No wonder its produce tastes so good!


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