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Welcome to King’s Fine Food 

When I started King's Fine Food in 2004, the aim was to just  sell caviar, foie gras and smoked salmon. Nothing more. This changed however when I met Cecilia  Tessieri from Amedei, which produces the world's finest chocolate. Cecilia asked me if I would sell Amedei chocolate because we sold some of the world’s finest products and Amedei enjoyed  the reputation of being the best. I told her that I knew nothing about chocolate except for my love of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs to which she replied, “You will learn to appreciate the finest”.

I was arranging a very large freezer build at the time and that freezer was very quickly converted to a chocolate fridge. Without realising, Amedei had redirected my path to source the finest products in the world, usually produced by artisan family businesses. This range has grown considerably and we do hope that when you try our sélection of products, you will enjoy them as much as we do. As Laura's daughter Holly is boosting sales; sister Sally also works in the office; and brother Simon, freelance journalist and editor, advises on web, social media and marketing copy, King's Fine Food really is a family affair.

Laura King, Owner and Director of King’s Fine Foods

Laura King

After working as a journalist on the then Middlesex Chronicle, Laura changed career path and worked for Qantas Airlines purchasing aircraft spares.  She was then appointed Director of European Purchasing for Philippine Airlines where one of her buyers purchased caviar. She then moved to Air Europe and when they went into receivership, she was headhunted for the position of Sales Manager by W.G. White Ltd. Despite her inexperience in selling, Laura had spent many years observing people as they sold to her, so she felt up to the new challenge. She spent 13 years as Sales Director  at W.G. White Ltd, and this invaluable experience left her with an extraordinary knowledge of caviar. W.G. White Ltd was sold in early 2004, so with her vast knowledge and the fact that King’s was such a strong name for a company, she decided to bite the bullet and go solo. Holly and Harry, John and Laura's children, both love the Amedei chocolate, but Harry is not so keen on the caviar! Holly, 23, joined the business in 2015 and quickly found her forté in Sales. Holly appeared with Laura in 2015 on Channel 4's interesting programme about the world's most expensive food. She is definitely the future of King's Fine Food and Laura loves working with Holly. Laura loves to see Holly sit opposite her everyday at work and catch up with her because during Holly's formative years, Laura spent most of her time away from home expanding the business.

John King

Sadly, John King passed away on 22 November 2016 after an 18-month battle with aggressive brain cancer. John had been a professional Chef for more than 40 years and worked in the kitchens of some of the world’s most exclusive hotels, restaurants and casinos, i.e. The Dorchester, Connaught, The Ritz Club, La Caprice, Les Ambassadeurs, Crockford’s and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Manila.  He won many awards for his culinary excellence, including Gold Medal for Best Regional Team in the World at the 1988 Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt. Passionate about fine cuisine, John chaired the selection committee of the Academy of Culinary Arts, whose Patron is HRH The Prince of Wales. John lectured part-time at Westminster College, where he started his career, and worked for 2 days a week as chief caviar packer at King's Fine Food. John had a great sense of humour and the fact that over 500 people attended his funeral at St Mary's, Oatlands, Weybridge in mid-December shows just how loved and respected he was.